Silvento Kronos italian greyhound male at the first dog-show as a junior

first dog show for italian greyhound Silvento KronosItalian greyhound male Silvento Kronos, after driving 1100 km just had to take part at the dog show so far away from home – because his 3 “mamas” at the last moment decided to travel a bit and were lucky to see that there is going to be a dog-show in the city they were going to : ) Must admit that this always happy boy was happy indeed by the show, so many dogs to play with and being with us all the time inc. restaurants, clubs, show, museums.

Italian sighthounds were judged by Zoya Oleynikova (UA) during first day and Cholakov Plamen (BLG) – second day. We were so in hurry to get back home that coulnd’t stay for the BEST in show competitions during the second day of the show. In any case – happy with silvento Kronos’s results, his owner Iya who entered showring for the first time and our trip in totall as it was really amazing. Loved that city, food there and time we spent♥

17.06.17 “Bukovyna-2017” & 18.06.17 “Chernovetski vstrechi”
САС-UA / Chernivtsi
Judges – Zoya Oleynikova (UA) & Cholakov Plamen (Bulgaria)
Silvento Kronos – 2*jCAC  2*jBOB  BOB  BIG-1

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