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As I have no time at all due to work, life, family – I have no time for web-updates as well. So since now ALL puppies-updates will be published on our Instagram and maybe in several weeks/days on our web. So Follow us there or on Facebook ♥
Some of our italian greyhounds and cirneco dell’Etna have their own hashtags and it makes your life easier to find this/that dog:
Boys #SilventoMercury (UA, belongs to us),  #SilventoOrpheus (UK), #SilventoOdin (LT), #SilventoOrion (CZ) and for sure girls of cirneco #SilventoMedea и #CretaDelGelsoBianco and the youngest – 6 months old puppy – #SilventoOctavia (these 3 girls belong to us) and one more that was exported to UK is #SilventoOlympias
Italian greyhounds:
Males who have tags are #SilventoEleusis,  #SilventoJason#SilventoKronos, and we have several females with tags but sorry – fed up to copy the links it would be easier to find out more about kennel life by our own tag #silvento that you can follow as well.

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