Pavlograd, our italian greyhound Tina

Pavlograd (Ukraine), CAC show. As a judge 10th group had Victor Shiyan – owner of kennel Bis Mon Sheri, who is a judge since 1979 and involved into dogs for more than 30 years.  Our sweet girl Silvento DiamanTine Tenera, who is owned by Katya and Sasha from Dnepropetrovsk, got really excellent description as well as a results. I’m very happy for Tina and wont stop saying “thank you” to Katya and Sasha for their good job. Sasha even handeled tina by himself. Tina has to get one more jCAC in order to close jCH of Ukraine title.

Judge – Victor Shiyan (Ukraine)
Silvento Diamantine Tenera – exc  jCAC jBOB ВОВ