Kharkiv CAC show (Senashchenko E.)

Today at the city Kharkiv while I was abroad in Poland with our IG Helli, sweet princess Silvento Diamantine Tenera (Tina) showed really good results under russian judge Ekaterina Senashchenko. Only month passed since Senashchenko judged Tina’s litter sister Silvento Diamoura Angioletta and gave her BOB … and now Tina got BOB under her! Well done, sister Tina! I’m very thankful to Tina’s owners for showing her in Kharkiv – my congrats with her win, I’m so proud of you. Also Senashchenko measured Tina at the show so officially Silvento Diamantine Tenera is 36 cm.

So here are the results of sweet Tina from the city Kharkiv:
Judge – Senashchenkolga Ekaterina (Russia) – 2 IGs at the show
Silvento Diamantine Tenera – exc CAC BB BOB BIG-1
(Intermediate class / 1 dog in the class)

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