Cirneco and Italian greyhound at the IDS in Kiev

Cirneco puppy, first cirneco in UkrianeIt was the most important International dog show of the year in Ukraine, double CACIB in Kiev. Seems it was the 10th year in 2015 how we used to take part at this dog-show. Except the importance of this Exhibition this dog-show was important for us as we were showing not only our italian greyhound female but our Cirneco Dell’Etna puppy who came to our home 3 weeks ago from Sicily. Only 3 handling lessons and just 3 weeks in my home after a wild calm life in the village in Sicily and this volcanic girl had her first amazing debut in the ring. Judge at the show was Geert Jipping (Netherlands) who was just in love with our Creta Del Gelso Bianco. Seems I’m more happy with her behave at the show than with her results, btw she got her first small cup and BestBaby title.
Speaking about our italian greyhound we were showing Silvento Gaia both days at the show. Gaia needed only 1 CAC from one of these shows for finishing her CH UA title but baby was a bit anxious during the first day because of her owners and was not showed well with me and got VG and during second day of the show Gaia was showed by handler who did an amazing job showing her in a perfect way but still she didn’t get her CAC. Both days of the show italian greyhounds were judged by Jelena Kruus (Estonia) and Anne Klaas (Estonia). We are thankful to all the judges for their nice words about our Cirneco and Italian greyhound  and to Gaia’s owners for their care and entering Gaia to this show. So here are the results of the show:

Crystal Cup of Ukraine
САСIB, Kiev 06.12.2015
Judge – Geert Jipping (Netherlands)
Creta Del Gelso Bianco – very promissing Best Baby

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