Austria, ÖKWZR Trophy

Thanks for photo to Andreas Hüttner

What a week! Today in Tulln, Austria there was a club show ÖKWZR Trophy. Italian greyhounds were judged by Lotte Jorgensen from Denmark (owner of afghan hounds kennel). Our princess Helli was entered to the Junior class and got title ÖKWZR Junior Trophy Winner 2011. I’m so proud of my little girl. I’m thankful to Helli’s breeders Karolina and Piotr for all this Helli’s trip and for sure to the best handler – Piotr who showed my baby in Tulln! And my congratulations with the results of Forum Romanum italian greyhound team in Tulln and during competitions there, where by the way Helli participated too! On main ring Helli was put before azawak and irish wouldhound – had whippet and afgan hound before and took jBIS -3 ; )

So here are the results of our princess Hellica from Austria, ÖKWZR show:
Judge – Lotte Jorgensen (Denmark) – 12 IGs entered
Hellica Forum Romanum – exc-1,  Jugendbester, ÖKWZR Junior Trophy Winner 2011, jBIS-3
(Junior class / 2 IG bitches in the class)