October - 23 - 2011

What to say - we had crazy weekends in Poland! There was double CACIB show in Poznan, one of my most favorite cities in PL that I visited already for 3 times and the first time was 5 years ago when I came there to the WDS 2006 and met Helli's breeder Karolina for the first time. After awfully long way by train from Kiev - I enjoyed a cup of coffe and went for a walk around the city. Poznan became for me a city of  'getting new friends'  as every time I come there I get more and more new friends. I'm very thankful to Monika Nowak, Katarzyna Mijakowska, our good friend Ania Szynkiewicz and breeder of Helli - Piotr for all the help at the show and nice photos and for everything you did for me! Also I'm thankful to Helli's breeder Karolina for the support she provided and was nice to hear you and sorry that we didn't meet this time...Thanks God i was lucky to get polish sim-card due to often trips to Poland so it was easy to be in touch with everyone.

So ... the show...It was doube CACIB shows (22-23/10/2011). At the first day there were just 16 italian greyhounds, our Hellica Forum Romanum was entered to Junior class as she is just 11 months old. Italian greyhounds were judged by Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland and there were 3 italian greyhound bitches in the competition with Helli. So Helli made me happy by getting jCAC and becoming Best Junior! And by the way baby finished her Junior Champion of Poland title. Helli already had one jCAC from the national show but for finishing jCH PL she had to obtain jCAC from the international dog show. So at the second day 22 italian greyhounds were showed and judged by Stefan Stefik from Slovakia. He judged in a quite strickt way and prefered heigher dogs...Probably Helli became an exception as she was the only one small IG who was placed at the show. By the way by my request Stefan Stefik measured Helli - very nice when judge agrees with your requests. Helli was showed in junior class where were 6 bitches entered and Helli was placed as 4th.  In common I liked the show and very happy with Helli's results, thanks a lot to the judges Lisbeth Mach and Stefan Stefik to Helli's breeders "Forum Romanum" kennel.

So here are the results of our princess Hellica from the first day of Poland show:
Judge - Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland)- 16 IGs entered
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc-1 jCAC  jBOB Junior Champion of Poland
(Junior class / 6 IG bitches in the class)