October - 2 - 2011

Today in Komárom (Hungary) there was one more show "Komárom Grand Prix" where our sweet IG Helli was entered. There was about 10 italian greyhounds at the show and 2 bitches in junior class - Helli and one more bitch from Czech Republic. Italian greyhounds were judged by Günther Ehrenreich from Austria, who is good specialist in sighthounds. Our princess Helli got excellent-1 and jCAC. I very proud of Helli and really thankful to Helli's breeders - Karolina and Piotr! Helli was showed with her best handler who proved it for one more time today - with Piotr : ) and I'm very thankful to Piotr for showing my little monster! jBOB got Helli's best friend - handsome dog - Fair Play Du domain De Chanteloup and BOB was beautiful Junior World Winner 2010 - Charlotte Forum Romanum (both owned by Forum Romanum kennel). My congratulations with the results of Forum Romanum italian greyhound team, what to say - well done! Also big thanks to the judge Günther Ehrenreich.

So here are the results of our princess Hellica from Hungary show:
Judge - Günther Ehrenreich (Austria) - 10 IGs entered
Hellica Forum Romanum - exc-1,  jCAC
(Junior class / 2 IG bitches in the class)