October - 29 - 2014

levretka Silvento Gaia Eurodogshow 2014Coming back from EURODOGSHOW 2014 (CZ, Brno) and having a good rest after 2600 km of driving we are ready to share with the results of our Italian Greyhounds from EuroDogShow. First of all wanna express my gratitude to the co-owners of our Silvento Gaia  - Nemchenko Aleksandr, Irina, Eva for such well behaved baby, Gaia in her 6 months knows commands and was so calm and fearless during our long trip around Europe that some of other dogs from our team could just take lessons from her. And one more "thank you" to Gaia's handler Elena Popova who helped me during EuroDogShow as I was a bit ill and couldn't enter the ring on second day.  So results of our italian greyhounds from CZ:

САСIB Brno 24.10.2014
Judge - Jipping Gerard  (Netherlands)
puppy class
Silvento Gaia - very promissing 2  rcw
open class
Lucilla FR - exc
CZ national dog  show
САС Brno 23.10.2014
Judge - Bouček František (CZ)
puppy class
Silvento Gaia - very promissing  Best Puppy
champion class
Lucilla FR - exc

Eurodogshow левретка Silvento Gaia silvento gaia eurodogshow 2014 Silvento Gaia - EDS Eurodogshow левретка Luccila Forum Romanum Eurodogshow левретка Luccila Forum Romanum