Cirneco at the dog-show in Ukraine – our Junior Siri

silvento cirneco-creta del gelso biancoCirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco (import Sicily) was showed at the national dog-show 2*CAC in Kiev, Ukraine. We are thankful to the judges and our friends who helped me all 2 days long during the shows. At the second day ring of the 5th group was judged by a very strict judge – Elena Agafonova and more than a half of the dogs left the ring without a title at all or with “very good” mark being even the only one from the breed. With not the best optimistic mood we have entered the ring and were really happy to have our small title ))
One conclusion came to our mind as a result of our photo-session after the ring, I suppose I will start “photographer-animalist” courses for my friends as from 100 photos I have just one – that you may find on the left. But we do promise to make normal pics at the end of the month when Siri will finish her jCH title.

07.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge – V. Khizhnyak (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco –  exc jCAC BOB
08.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge – E.Agafonova (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco – exc jCAC BOB