February - 23 - 2015

Silvento Italus italian greyhoundItalian greyhound male Silvento Italus - he is the hero of our news stream today. Only several months have passed since he was born and now this male won Baby class at his first dog-show in Kiev - Acana Cup. Italian greyhound ring was judged by expert from Belgium Jos de Cuyper. Silvento Italus was showed by his co-owner Alena and it was both his and her first time in the ring but both they coped with it. Italus jumped half of the ring like happily crazy baby but stayed in a brave way on the table. He was really liked by the judge and we are proud for him and Alena - both did a good job. Italus was officially measured at the dog-show by the judge, and we are happy about this as well.  This small italian greyhound boy is really well socialized, kissed all the dogs around as well as all the people. He came to the show with all his huge family and had 6 people who cared about him before the ring started so he just couldn't help winning the baby class ))

Acana Cup
Kiev, САС - 21.02.2015
12 italian greyhounds
Judge - Jos de Cuyper (Belguim)
Silvento Italus - very promissing Best Baby