August - 17 - 2013

Azzurra Fiesta Ventura-Association Of Ireland

Italian greyhound - Azzurra Fiesta Ventura, our "granddaughter" from Silvento Diamantine Tenera that left to Ireland (County Donegal) 2 months ago was showed today for the first time in baby class at FCI Hound Association Of Ireland in Naas city. There were 6 italian greyhounds at the show, IGs were judged by Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway (podengo portuguese breeder of kennel Rosenhill's). Azzurra got her very promissing mark, was liked by the judge and made us to feel proud of her first win! This italian greyhound was special for us from the begining - small, tender baby that was born in the home of my good friends, owners of Silvento Diamantine Tenera, co-owners of Luccila Forum Romanum - kennel "Fiesta Ventura" in Dnepropetrovsk city. Azzurra was a baby from the first litter of Fiesta Ventura kennel.
We are thankful to Erin Fergus, owner of Azzurra, for all the care that Azzurra gets, for photos and good news and for sure for the desire to pass such a long way in order to show Azzura : )