Silvento Medea - cirneco dell'Etna. Acana & Espri 2019 CUP

4 - March - 2019

Cirneco dell'Etna Silvento Medea visited Acana & Espri 2019 CUP. It was CAC show in Kyiv. Our Medea was showed really well if to consider that she didn't visit any handling classes since October. Her "big cirneco mom" Creta Del Gelso Bianco came with us to see baby Medea in the ring, not sure if she was proud but she was happy for sure to play with other dogs.

Video from the ring you may find in our Instagram page --- don't forget to subscribe.
Regarding Best in Show competitions - we decided to have a walk in the park instead of waiting for BestinShow as show was in a very small pavillion and there were totally no room for dogs and people and was some crazy flow of people. In other words this dog-show was some horror and we will not enter our dogs for this show in 2020 for sure.

"Acana cup 2019" 
САС / Kyiv / UA
Judge - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
Silvento Medea -  jCAC  BOB
"Espri Cup 2019"
САС / Kyiv / UA
Judge - Ionescu Augustin (Romania)
Silvento Medea - jCAC  BOB

Cairo Fiesta Ventura - stud male of Italian greyhound in LV, EE, LT

7 - February - 2019

Italian greyhound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura, one of the best males in Baltic states according the rank of sighthound Club of Latvia. Our Champion, beloved dog in his family - he lives with his italian greyhound girlfriend Astra Bravissimo Gisele in Latvia.

Cairo has titles UA JCH, LT CH, EE CH, LV SIGHTHOUND CLUB TOP-2018 ITALIAN SIGHTHOUNDS (22 dogs) 5th place 77/5 dog-shows. and I'm proud that all this is Silvento "grand-son".

Italian sighthound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura opened for studs in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine etc. and makes us feeling proud with his results as well as his mother - italian greyhound Silvento Diamantine Tenera by such beautiful son. Wish you good luck, our boy.
Regarding all stud questions of italian sighthound male Cairo Fiesta Ventura - feel free to contact © /owner of Cairo Fiesta Ventura/ in Latvia.

Cirneco dog - Silvento Mercury / first dog-show in Junior class

28 - January - 2019

Cirneco male Silvento Mercury - red and beloved "son" made my day by finishing almost 70% needed for Junior Champion of Ukraine. Dog-shows were in Kharkiv. I'm so thankful to the owners of Mercury and wanna send them my best wishes and tell BRAVO! Well done. I'm proud of you.
There were 2 cirneco dogs entered during the first dog-show and Mercury was alone 27/01/2019. Cirneco dell'Etna Silvento Mercury behaved well and I do hope his sister Silvento Medea will start her career in Junior class in one month already. BTW Mercury has his Instagram account. His little 12 y.o. owner, son of his owners, updates pics quite often there, follow if you want - Silvento Mercury in Instagram ♥

Winter Cup of Kharkiv
САС / Kharkiv / Ukraine
Judge - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
Silvento Mercury - jCAC BOB
Sozvezdie Snezhnyk Psov
САСIB / Kharkiv / Ukraine
Judge - Shiyan T. (Ukraine)
Silvento Mercury - jCAC BOB

Cirneco dell'Etna - Silvento Medea as a puppy at IDS

15 - December - 2018

Cirneco dell'Etna puppy Silvento Medea became best puppy at the final International dog show of the year in Ukraine "Crystal Cup of Ukraine".

It was last show in puppy class for Medea as well as the first one as since end of December she will finally enter Junior class. As several days before the show I managed to get sacrum fracture when one of our italian greyhounds during the walk near the lake decided to fall through the ice, being so crazy at 8 years of age to follow ducks ... on the ice. And for sure I was so brave that took away all my clothes and decided to follow our IG who was already under the ice...and it happened - I fell down. Our stupid italian greyhound is alive, I managed to get her even with broken sacrum but doctor as well as my pain told me "only slow steps, no running". SOooooooo Medea was showed by Svetlana Tkach in the ring  😛  I do feel so thankful to Svetlana for showing Medea. It was their first meeting ever and Medea behaved like she knows Svetlana since her early childhood.

Crystal Cup of Ukraine
САСIB / Kiev / Ukraine
Judge - Aleksandrov (UA)
Silvento Medea - vp Best Puppy

Cirneco Silvento Mars at SWKA 2018 and Silvento Mercury at UA dog-show

6 - October - 2018

Cirneco dell Etna males out of our breeding were showed this week around the world.

Cirneco puppy Silvento Mars has visited his 1st dog-show in Wels (UK) - South Wales Kennel Association Championship (SWKA 2018), where 14 cirneco were entered.
Mars was the youngest puppy in the class as he just turned 6 months old and was showed with 2 more experienced and beautiful males of cirneco breed: Kinabula's Tute Sweet Mocha & Kinabula's Macchiato For Triquetra of 8 and half months old who were well showed indeed. Our cirneco male Silvento Mars got CRUFTS 2019 qlf. We do feel proud of his first results and wish him only future wins and happy life with his amazing owners. Cirneco breed was judged by Marie Bryce-Smith (UK) during the show.

One week before Mars show - one of our boys was showed as well. It was Silvento Mercury, who is co-owned by us and lives in UA and was showed for the first time. Mercury became best puppy of breed, was showed well at the national show in Kharkiv city during 30 SEP 2018. Feel thankful to his handler and his family. Cirneco dell'Etna breed was judged by Natalia Bubelik (Belarus) during the show.

Italian greyhound puppies are born (blue girls)

19 - September - 2018

Italian greyhound puppies are born 16 SEP 2018. We are happy to have 2 girls of blue color out of our blue female Silvento Euthenia and male from France  of isabella color. Girls have their names already and we will open reservation for them soon. At least we think so, but for now we just enjoy our sweet time with them. They smell like angels. Nothing more to add.
Pedigree and more info will be soon at Puppies section of our web-site.

Don't forget that we have 2 black females available that were born at the end of the summer and we opened them for reservation last week. Chiots petit levrier italien or italian greyhound puppies - or what else you write, you may find more pics of our black and blue babies at Instagram account of our kennel.