Italian greyhound puppies ❤ cream puppies - angels arrived

2 - July - 2016
italian greyhound blue, crea, puppies2 cream italian greyhound puppies, white like angels ♥ and 2 blue arrived on 20/06/2016. We were happy to have the easiest whelping ever from our blue italian greyhound female - Champion and cream-carrier Silvento Euthenia, the 1st italian sighthound in Ukraine who has passed official health test in plPoland last year and had a rest during 2 years after her first whelping. Euthenia has presented us AMAZING 2 cream boys and 2 blue boys being mated wit ha male from Poland who is half French, half Swedish by his bloods. Both parents loves coursing and father of the litter - cream male, has coursing qualification. Someone of this litter will be offered for a full sale and someone will stay in the family / co-owned. If we tell that we are happy - it will be just nothing. This is the litter we waited for many years by our family-type italian greyhound kennel. Please visit Italian Greyhound Puppy section of our web for more info and Pedigree.
Euthenia feels great, babies had great coat when they were born and unreal appetite. Pigmentation was seen already in several hours after puppies were born. When babies were 4 days one had black lips and paws already and one had dark grey and more pics will be in several days with really black pigment. And as a super - hyper litter - some of the puppies started to open their eyes when they were just 7 days old. Photos on the left side - newborn italian greyhound puppies. More photos you will find on our personal page of our family-type italian greyhound kennel Silvento in Facebook.
cream & blue italian greyhound puppies ( 3 DAYS OLD)

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Dog-show in Odessa city. Italian greyhound puppy - Silvento Jason

19 - June - 2016

Italian greyhound Odessa dog-showItalian greyhound puppy Silvento Jason (aka Senya) who is just 6,5 months old and co-owned with us made us happy by his dog-show results at the National dog-show in Odessa city (UA). There were 3 italian greyhounds entered to this show. Italian sighthounds were judged by quite strict judge Aleksandrov (UA). We are thankful to the owner of Jason, the best one in the world - Julia for all her care, love and efforts as well as to the Anastasiya Edakina and Yana Kopylova for their help and handling of this sweet blue puppy in the rings. My congratulations to the owner with such amazing start of Silvento Jason's show-career and his first small title "best puppy". We are proud of both of you!

"Zhemchuzhina Odessy"
18.06.16. САС-UA / Odessa (UA)
Judge - Aleksandrov (Ukraine)
Silvento Jason- very promissing Best puppy

Belarus. Cirneco dell'Etna and Italian sighthound at IDS in Minks (BY)

7 - June - 2016

Italian sighthound Belarus, Minsk 2016We have 2 new Champions! Our Italian Sighthound Lucilla Forum Romanum and cirneco dell'Etna Creta del Gelso Bianco (import from Siciy) took part at double CACIB dog-shows in Minsk, Bearus. We can tell how it was funny when the car was broken in 50 from the boarder UA-BY how our appartments were cancelled in Minsk but there were more positive moments during this trip. We are thankful to the judges of PLI & Cirneco: Onishchenko and Paunovic - who judged cirneco ring and to Jurate Butkiene (LT) and Francisco Ruiz Rodrigue (Spain) who judged PLI ring as wel as to all my friends who helped me with my broken car far away from home and who supported me during the trip to Belarus and were with me till the last moment. Italian sighthound Lucci has finished Champion of Belarus title and our cirneco baby who is only 10 months old ... and had competiotion with other cirneco in the ring from Russia and Finand was Best of Breed both days and became Junior Champion of Belarus.
More photos of italian sighthound Lucci and cirneco photos from the ring in Minsk IDS you may find at our page in Facebook, and dont forget to like our page. And here are the results of out Italian girls in Belarus:

"Summer of Belarus"
САСIB-BY / Минск
3 cirneco in the ring

чирнеко-щенок-КиевJudge for cirneco - G.Onishchenko (UA)
Creta del Gelso Bianco - jCAC jBOB BOB СRUFTS qlf
"Minsk 2016"
САСIB-BY / Minsk
3 cirneco in the ring

чирнеко-щенок-КиевJudge for cirneco - D.Paunovic (Serbia)
Creta del GB jCAC jBOB BOB  СRUFTS qlf  jCH BY
6 PLI in the ring
silvento96Judge for PLI - Jurate Butkiene (LT)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - СAC CH BY
5 PLI in the ring
silvento96Judge for PLI - Francisco Ruiz Rodrigue (Spain)
Lucilla Forum Romanum - СAC rCACIB

cirneco dell'etna Minsk dog-show ChanpionIt is great to have such friends and even reaching Minsk without my own car at 6 am we were happy and smiled. My huge THANKS to Segey Dmitrenko who helped so much and showed our italian greyhound both day in the ring. Regarding Cirneco dell'Etna - it was the first time for Siri to be showed in competition. Siri had 3 shows in junior class in Ukraine before and finished jCH UA but this time it was really exciting to have 2 more cirneco in the ring. Cirneco male from Russia Mia Santo's Atillo during 2 days got his 2*jCAC in junior class and female from Finland was showed in Champion class Trucker's Absolutely Fabulous and took during 2 days her 2*CAC & 2*CACIB. Both cirneco finished their jch and Ch BY. My conrats to their owners and breeders. It was a pleasure to be showed with your dogs.

Cirneco del Etna - our new Junior Champion

23 - May - 2016

Cirneco champion ukraine SilventoCirneco dell'Etna - Creta del Gelso Bianco (imp. Sicily) was a real star this weekend in Chernigiv Cup dog-show (CAC/UA). We are thankful to the judges U. Gergel and V. Shiyan and to our friend Sergej Dmitrenko who really helped me a lot and made this wonderful picture. Our cirneco Siri has finished Junior Champion of Ukraine title being just 9 months old ❤️ And even not her first season nor dozen of birds in the show-ring when she has decided to start her hunting just at the moment when judge made her description - didn't play any role as she did it ... Siri became not only Best in Group-3 among about 10 breeds of 5th group but also was BEST in SHOW junior - 2 among 30-40 juniors of all the breeds at the show. I do love her for her tenderness and the way she is showed.

"Cup of Chernigiv"
21.05.16. САС-UA / Chernigiv
Judge - U. Gergel (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco - exc jCAC BOB BIG-3  jBIS-2  finished jCHUA

Cirneco at the dog-show in Ukraine - our Junior Siri

10 - May - 2016

silvento cirneco-creta del gelso biancoCirneco Creta del Gelso Bianco (import Sicily) was showed at the national dog-show 2*CAC in Kiev, Ukraine. We are thankful to the judges and our friends who helped me all 2 days long during the shows. At the second day ring of the 5th group was judged by a very strict judge - Elena Agafonova and more than a half of the dogs left the ring without a title at all or with "very good" mark being even the only one from the breed. With not the best optimistic mood we have entered the ring and were really happy to have our small title ))
One conclusion came to our mind as a result of our photo-session after the ring, I suppose I will start "photographer-animalist" courses for my friends as from 100 photos I have just one - that you may find on the left. But we do promise to make normal pics at the end of the month when Siri will finish her jCH title.

07.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge - V. Khizhnyak (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco -  exc jCAC BOB
08.05.16. САС-UA / Kiev
Judge - E.Agafonova (UA)
чирнеко-щенок-КиевCreta del Gelso Bianco - exc jCAC BOB

Italian sighthound - healthy Silvento team, coursing team

4 - May - 2016

Italian sighthound - healthy Silvento team, coursing teamHealthy italian sighthound is not only a good looking dog, for us it should be a dog who visit vet for blood test several times a year and that must be checked once a year for eyes, knees and for sure heart problems. We are happy to say that after a long 5 km walk and coursing short training our two italian greyhounds have passed vet test, result you may find on their personal web-pages. Our Hellica Forum Romanum who has missed her mating again, having rest for almost 2 years, due to my trips and our blue male of italian sighthound Silvento Eleusis, our coursing italian greyhound boy - are totally healthy 🙂