Italian greyhound puppies are 1 week old

10 - October - 2014

Lot's of news again. Let's start from our elder generation: Silvento Eleusis finished CH UA, MLD, RO titles this autumn. My congrats to his co-owner Liuba Siroshtan - well done, we are happy and proud of you both. And let's speak about our babies from "I" litter. Monsters are growing, take weight, each have its own character already and all our Fantastic Four are so amazing that seems it is the first time I still cannot decide whome I love more. Very soon some of the babies will be opened to reservation. So new pics of the babies:

Silvento Ilithyia Silvento Italus Silvento Isida Silvento Iuppiter
Ilithyia-щенок левретки Киев
Italus-щенок левретки Киев
Isida-щенок левретки Киев
Iuppiter-щенок левретки Киев
1 week Silvento Ilithyia-italian greyhound puppy 
1 week Silvento Isida-italian greyhound puppy 1 week Silvento Italus-italian greyhound puppy 1 week Silvento Iupitter-italian greyhound puppy

Puppies of Italian Greyhound, long-waited litter of Amoura

2 - October - 2014

We are happy to announce about last litter for this year and seems the only one litter till end of 2015. Our sweet
INT CH Silvento Diamoura Angioletta not looking to her small size, gave birth to 4 puppies this night -  2 boys and 2 girls. Full pedigree and rest of the info will be published in section "IG Puppies" of our web as soos as I sleep a bit after this crazy whelping-night. For now we are happy to present you our  "I"-litter babies:

Silvento Ilithyia Silvento Italus
Silvento Ilithyia newbornIlithyia - was the Greek goddess of childbirth Silvento Italus newbornItalus was a legendary king of the Oenotrians,
who were among the earliest inhabitants of Italy
Silvento Isida Silvento Iuppiter
Silvento Isida newbornIsida - is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt Silvento Iuppiter newbornIuppiter is the king of the gods and the god
of sky and thunder in myth

Silvento Euthenia and italian greyhound puppies updates

17 - September - 2014

Silvento Euthenia chernigov cac showPitty that at the moment I have no time for dog-shows due to job and trips, I do miss dog-show trips, IG-friends and have lot's of news to share with you. Let's start from the main thing WE are waiting for Italian Greyhound PUPPIES in October, hope to get 3 blue boys and one girl as lot's of people are waiting for babies from "very pregnant" mother INT CH Silvento Diamoura Amgioletta. Don't have time for details now as more info will be published soon (see section PUPPIES). So wanna share with Dog-show's results of our Silvento team in Chernigiv city.
My huge congrats to Tania Stanishcheva, co-owner of Silvento Euthenia and my hugs to Lida Antonenko, who was Euthenia's handler in the ring as with their hope Silvento Euthenia almost finished CH UA title this weekend. Silvento Euthenia was showed well, without any competition easily took her CAC but lost BOB to the nice italian greyhound Lolo of our friend Zhenya. Well done! Pitty that I couldn't visit that dog-show myself and Tanya was alone there but with our friends. So here are full results:

Judge - Oleynikova Zoya (Ukraine) - 2 IGs
"Chernigov 2014" - САС
(open class)
Silvento Euthenia - exc  САС

Italian greyhound puppies left to their new homes

19 - August - 2014

airport-dog-Silvento-Hestia-levretkaSome crazy weekend. We had 2 Yana's as visitors during this weekend in Kiev. The first one Yana Kopylova (kl Delmonico) from Odessa who came to Kiev to see me and spend an evening drinking a vine with me, second Yana was Yana from RUSSIA - Yana Goncharova from Novouralsk, close to Ekaterenburg (Rus), who passed almost 3000 km to meet us personally and ... take her new baby, our sweetest Silvento Hestia, to Russia.

Thanks to Yana Goncharova I finally fount time to visit some places in my native city Kiev, such as Lavra, Andriivskiy Uzviz etc. We were happy to have a walk with Yana during her short stay in Ukraine. Unfortunatelly she had only 6-7 hours before her plane back to Russia had to depart.  It was some flying-weekend as the next day our other baby Silvento Gaia left from the same airport but not to Russia, just to Austria for holidays. We gotta italian greyhound-travelling team.

We were VERY happy that Yana fount possibility to come to Ukraine not looking to the relations between our countries, it was a brave step from her side and I'm happy that she enjoyed old Kiev city so much and do hope that her next visit to Ukraine will be for more longer period of time. Silvento Hestia was a good girl who coped with 2 flights and passed 3000 km via plane without any problems. She arrived to Italian Greyhound family and will live with IG boy surrounded by huge Yana's family that consists of 2 children and Yana's husband. I and Tanya Stanishcheva, co0owner of this litter, were happy to meet Yana in Ukraine and wanna send our wormest greetings to her.

Our Italian greyhounds at the dog-shows in Kiev

4 - August - 2014

Silvento GaiaSilvento EutheniaItalian greyhounds of our kennel took part in CAC dog-show in Kiev (UA, 02.08.2014). Silvento Gaia, small star who entered ring for the first time, just 3,5 months old, and Silvento Euthenia who whelped just 1,5 months ago and was presented in her best shape in the ring being showed by Lidia Antonenko. Just wanna send my thanks to the owners of Gaia Iryna and Oleksands, for this small well behaved baby Elena Popova, well known handler who trained Gaia before the dog-show and to Lidia Antonenko (kl Altamiruas) for amazing showing of Zenya in the ring. Must admit that we had great fan team - Тanya and Dima who helped so much during the show. Happy about our results as well as about win of our friends at the show. Well done!

Judge - Kryzhanovska N. (Ukraine) - 5 IGs
"Cup of Kiev 2014" - САС
(baby class)
Silvento Gaia - very promissing Best Baby
(open class)
Silvento Euthenia - exc  САС

Silvento IGs July news

20 - July - 2014

Щенок левретки резерв РоссияLots of news again, let's start with "italian greyhound puppies" section. We have just announced about our decision to leave Silvento Hestia in co-ownership with and at the same day she was reserved by a person who was in contact with us for a long time regarding other puppy. So Silvento Hestia will leave soon but will be co-owned by us and will live in Russia (3000 km from Kiev). I'm happy by her new owner, who has IG experience btw, and hope to see her owner in Kiev soon ))

Show news: There was a dog show in Poltava city where male out of our breeding - Silvento Eleusis took part. Judge Johannes Schepers (Netherlands) gave him CAC and CACIB. My congratulations to Liuba and Slava - co-owners of Eleusis.

Judge - Johannes Schepers (Netherlands) - 4 IGs
Poltava "Vorskla" - CACIB
Silvento Eleusis - exc  САС   CACIB

курсинг левреткаSport/Coursing italian greyhound news: some of our italian greyhounds appeared to be good swimmers so we gotta cool swimming Silvento team each weekend. But except all this other our IGs appeared to be good coursing dogs as well. I came to coursing fields with my cam to take some shots of my friends and took Hellica Forum Romanum with me for fun, Helli decided that she needs real fun but not with me - with the rest of the sighthounds.