Leipzig - Silvento Isida results at the biggest dog-show in Germany

23 - August - 2015

Germany-SILVENTO Isida windspielItalian greyhound (windspiel) Silvento Isida who lives in Germany had really good results at the one of the biggest dog-shows in Germany - 6 090 dogs entered, 13 Italian Greyhounds. It was kinda suprise for us to find out that Isida will be entered to the dog-show. Silvento Isida was the best puppy from the litter and we have hardly decided to let her go so far from Kiev and were informed from the beginning by her owner that she will not be showed at the dog shows but will be loved and have an amazing life with her whippet friend. So it was really amazing news to hear that her owner Beate has changed her mind and took the decision to show her at the dog-show. Without any handling lessons and being first time in the ring both for owner Beate and Silvento Isida - this team made an amazing result. There we 2 more girls in Junior class - Сaprice Di Casina Delle Rose and more experienced bitch Amazing Sparks Betsy Bam Bam that was showed already a lot in Germany and in Milano WorldDogShow 2015. As for the first time for our team and having a competition in the class - they were placed as 2d. Well done )) We are so thankful to Beate, owner of Isida, for showing her - it was right decision. We do proud of you both!

Silvento Isida became the 7th puppy from seven puppies of our INT CH Silvento Diamoura Angioletta, who was showed therefore 100% of Amoura's descendants were showed with success and 43% of them are Champions, Jun Champions.

Internationale Ausstellung
Leipzig, Germany
CACIB, 22.08.2015
13 italian greyhounds / 3 bitches in junior class
Judge - Bouček František (CZ)
Silvento Isida - v2 JgdVDH  JgdCAC
As first IG was jCH already according VDH rules Isida got jCAC from that female as reserved winner

The first Italian Greyhound in Ukraine with the OFFICIALLY tested eyes became our Silvento Euthenia

1 - August - 2015

ESVO certificate Italian greyhound Silvento Euthenia - European Society of Veterinary OphthalmologySeveral days ago we took our sweetheart  - italian greyhound Silvento Euthenia to Poland -1600 km were passed and ... Silvento Euthenia became the first italian greyhound from Ukraine that has passed OFICCIAL health test by polish ophthalmologist specialist and has obtained certificate of ESVO (European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology). We are happy to announce that her eyes are clear : )
This official test was not only a huge step by our kennel but it was indeed a huge step for all the breed in Ukraine and we do hope rest of the owners of this breed in UA will start to test their dogs as well and will use only healthy dogs in their breeding too.

Italian greyhound male Silvento Eleusis finished MultiCh title

6 - July - 2015

левретка кобель Silvento-Eleusis вязкаDuring last weekend our italian greyhound male Silvento Eleusis was showed at 2*CACIB by his co-owner in Poltava city (UA) in the ring with 2 more italian greyhound males from Sunnymoon Place. Silvento Eleusis did great job with his co-owner Syroshtan Lyubov - he finished his third champion title - Champion of Ukraine and became Multi Champion. We proud of this small male - it was a good year for him, he became daddy of 2 italian greyhound puppies this year and almost finished amount  of his CACIB's to became INT CH.

We want to remind that Silvento Eleusis is available for stud service. Stud service abroad, in other city etc as well as lot of more advantages are possible. For more info, please contact Eleusis's owner - Luybov or contact us and we will forward you to her. Speaking about the dog-show, pity but there is no photos of Silvento Eleusis from the show-ring but we will get soon some photos of this italian greyhound boy made by well-known photographer-animalist Katherine Zager. :

Vorskla 2015
Poltava, Ukraine
CACIB, 04.07.2015
3 IGs
Judge - Rui Oliveira
Silvento Eleusis - exc САС rCACIB finished CH UA, MultiCh


Silvento Eleusis, new coursing italian greyhound boy in family

21 - June - 2015
It seems we will get news like this each months : ) As it appeared to be - our sweet italian greyhound male Silvento Eleusis just in love with coursing and from our side - we do hope that he will continue his coursing-career and will get his qualification soon. Silvento Eleusis even sings songs when hear sound of coursing machine, but due to the hot weather we asked all our owners to take a rest from the Coursing till it will get a bit colder. But the way Silvento Hestia - another coursing-italian greyhound baby from our kennel that lives in Russia now is a niece of Silvento Eleusis. This girl has her coursing qualification from RKF already and we hope Eleusis will get his from UKU soon too. Our congratulations to his owner Lyubov Syroshtan!

Silvento Iuppiter, first dog-show of our italian greyhound male

13 - May - 2015

левретка-Silvento-IuppiterSilvento Iuppiter (aka - Iuppi) italian greyhound male from Lwow city (UA) who made both me and Tanya pass 1100 km to see him at the dog-show that was held in Lwow. Iuppi without any pre-show handling preparation and seeing me for the first time during last 5 months - was showed in the best way by me. He was loved by the judge and not looking to his height his nice head, movement and behave were admitted. Silvento Iuppiter is really unbelievable dog with high IQ and it seems he was born to take part at IPO and not at the dog-shows as he knows about 10 commands already. He looks like a dog who runs about 20 km each day as totally covered by musculus and I suppose I didn't meet such a muscle boy for a long time in italian greyhound breed. I'm thankful to the owners of Iuppier for such well behaved boy, active walks, good nutrition he has and for their love and care. We don't know if Silvento Iuppiter is showed in future at the dog-shows but we were happy to see him and show ourselves this time.

Cup of Galichina
Lwow, UA
CACIB, 10.05.2015
6 IGs
Judge - Zoya Oleynikova (UA)
Silvento Iuppiter - very promissing Best Puppy

Charcik włoski - lwow - silvento iuppiterNot looking to the trauma that Silvento Iuppiter had last week - he was showed perfectly. We are thankful to the judge for amazing comments about him. I do hope it was not my last visit to Lwow and next time we will spend there more than 1 day. In any case Charcik włoski Silvento Iuppiter somehow managed to gather 4 person who made such a long route to see him from Kiev to Lwow.  Must admit that Silvento Iuppiter is the SIXt italian greyhound puppy from SEVEN puppies that were born from our INT CH girl Silvento Diamoura Angioletta, that were showed successfully - 86% of her offspring had success, 43% are ch or jch as on 2015!

Italian greyhound - Silvento Euthenia finished her CH UA title

3 - May - 2015

голубая левртека silvento eutheniaItalian greyhound - Silvento Euthenia aka Zenya, finished her Champion of Ukraine title! It was quite cold weekend in Kiev and honestly, after almost a year of rest at sofa - Zenya did her best and was showed almost perfectly, even kissed the judge. Silvento Euthenia was showed by our friend Lida Antonenko as I was too busy with my cam and photosession of other Italian greyhounds in the ring and Tanya after her trauma of the leg couldn't run till summer. During the first show Lida couldn't cope with Zenya in the right way in the ring so she wasn't showed well indeed and as the rest of the bitches at that show got very good mark. To other italian greyhound bitches did the same results at this day and there was no Best Bitch chosen. First day was judged by Hlebarov from Bulgaria. During the second day italian greyhounds were judged by Sarmont (Belarus). Zenya was loved by the judge, got her CAC. We are thankful to Lida for her help at showing Zenya in the ring and to both judges for their time and description. Silvento Euthenia finished her CH UA title and it means that ... maybe she will be mated with italian greyhound male (name will be published soon) this year already. More info at Italian greyhound PUPPIES page.

Kiev, Ukraine
САС, 03.05.2015
6 IGs
Judge - Sarmont (Belarus)
Silvento Euthenia - exc CAC finished CH UA

Also has to admit that last weekend Silvento Euthenia's daughter in RUSSIA - Silvento Hestia that is co-owned by our kennel, was showed in Russia and got her first russian jCAC. Silvento Hestia is Junior Champion of Kazakhstan already and seems has made her first step in finishing jCH RUS. My congratulations to Goncharova Jana, co-owner of Hestia. Well done, girls.

Zlatoust, Russia
САС, 26.04.2015
2 IGs
Judge - Galiaskarov (Russia)
Silvento Hestia - exc jCAC BJ