Silvento IGs July news

20 - July - 2014

Щенок левретки резерв РоссияLots of news again, let's start with "italian greyhound puppies" section. We have just announced about our decision to leave Silvento Hestia in co-ownership with and at the same day she was reserved by a person who was in contact with us for a long time regarding other puppy. So Silvento Hestia will leave soon but will be co-owned by us and will live in Russia (3000 km from Kiev). I'm happy by her new owner, who has IG experience btw, and hope to see her owner in Kiev soon ))

Show news: There was a dog show in Poltava city where male out of our breeding - Silvento Eleusis took part. Judge Johannes Schepers (Netherlands) gave him CAC and CACIB. My congratulations to Liuba and Slava - co-owners of Eleusis.

Judge - Johannes Schepers (Netherlands) - 4 IGs
Poltava "Vorskla" - CACIB
Silvento Eleusis - exc  САС   CACIB

курсинг левреткаSport/Coursing italian greyhound news: some of our italian greyhounds appeared to be good swimmers so we gotta cool swimming Silvento team each weekend. But except all this other our IGs appeared to be good coursing dogs as well. I came to coursing fields with my cam to take some shots of my friends and took Hellica Forum Romanum with me for fun, Helli decided that she needs real fun but not with me - with the rest of the sighthounds.

Italian Greyhound puppies from G - litter left to their new homes

11 - July - 2014

Italian Greyhound puppies from the last litter left to their new homes. Two babies left in co-ownership with us, and one will be used in our breeding ... maybe one day and I suppose all 3 fount best homes indeed. This litter ment a lot for us!
It took some time for us to decide to take a risk and make stud abroad - winter, snowy roads, boarders full of cars, slippy road not a cheap stud at all, and it could became a real disaster for me if Hellica is pregnant. Butshe got pregnant and now, looking back, I may tell that all this was worth of it even if I don't repeat something like this again... Italian greyhounds from this litter were sold for cheap indeed but to the best one homes in the world and with the best conditions for us as all 3 puppies were left "in family" somehow, even if to consider that most of them left abroad. In any case due to my often business trips abroad I hope I will see our puppies oftenly.

Silvento Gaia with her ownersSilvento Gaia our sweetest baby from the family - Gaia was left in co-ownership with me in Kiev (Ukraine).
Gaia fount her amazing family - Iryna and Oleksandr, who have IG-care experience already, american IG but still IGs, and in a month Gaia will meet younger member of her new family (daughter of Iryna and Oleksandr). Gaia is totally abnormal TENDER girl and it is just impossible not to fall in love with her. Once I tryed to treat her, because she stole pen from my bag, for sure I failed ... she has such eyes and such a kissing behave that just impossible to treat her in other way.
I hope one day we will see Gaia at the show and hope it will happen very soon!

Silvento Galatea, my smart ass girl )) ... the first one who left the home, my the most loved baby. Tea left to RUSSIA (Moscow), where she fount the best one mom Marina and her son Danila. Tea wont be used in breeding and will be spayed soon so we hope she will have healthy long and happy life. Tea was different from the begining - sweet, smart baby who understood me from the first word, now this amazing girl brings joy to her family everyday. And I do hope in the nearest future I will see her and her owner Marina again.

Silvento Glaucus with his ownersSilvento Glaucus the only one male from this litter. Macho-boy )) Glau left to HUNGARY (Budapest) right after his quarantine finished. Glau has the most amazing movements I ever saw at "puppy age" and I do hope he will be good mover in future, he is a small clone of his granddaddy Il Cagnolino Fernando. Glau fount wonderful family Agnes and Zoltan and is like a small child there who enjoy his life and hopefully makes life of his owners happier too.  I'm thankful to our friends from UA (Marina and Victor) who agreed to change their route and deliver Glau to Budapest on their way to Paris.

We wish to all our italian greyhound puppies long and happy life with theiramazing owners! I'm thankful to Marina, Iryna, Agnes, Zoltan, Oleksandr for all their care, love that they give to their dogs. My BIG thanks as well should be adressed to Тania Stanishcheva, our right-hand in the kennel - the only one person who has key from my house, and who helped so much with this litter.


Italian greyhound puppies are leaving to new homes

1 - July - 2014

Белоруссия левретка Silvento GalateaTime passed and our babies are ready to leave our home in 1 week when they are 3 months old. The first one who left the home was  Silvento Galatea, aka "Tea", she went to amazing new family in Russia (Moscow). It is smart, funny girl with huge love to all human beings. I took Tea to Belarus due to the problems in UA-RUS boarder, so in Belarus in 600 km from our home she met with her owner from Russia - Marina. I wish my sweet italian greyhound baby love and good care in her new home.  Just wanna add that I'm thankful to UA boarder workers for their help, to Marina - owner of Tea and her friend Sveta who passed such a distance to meet me, to my friend and co-owner of our dogs Tanya - for her help during my driving the car, to belarusian policeman who let me leave without paying the fee - it was a nice trip indeed.
Second puppy - Glau, aka Silvento Glaucus, will leave the home in  one week already. He will leave to Europe, not far from me and we kept breeding rights on him so one day, I hope, he will be used in our breeding and I suppose I will meet him this year during my weekends in Europe. Glau is an amazing boy with very-very nice movement and brave temperament.
The last one, the precious one - Silvento Gaia, aka Gaia - my sweetheart, baby with huge heart indeed - always ready to kiss you and always upset when you speak in a strict way to her. Gaia will stay in kennel in co-ownership with couple from Kiev. This amazing puppy will leave my home in one week as well, till that time I enjoy her company every day.

Левретка щенок - Сильвенто ХестияAnd shame on me - main news: I was so bussy all June that totally forgot to wrote about our new baby. On June 10 Silvento Euthenia presented us one black baby - girl without white at all. Baby got name Hestia, Silvento Hestia. Reservation on Esti will be opened in one week only.Baby has excellent coat from her birth, she is fat, healthy puppy and I do hope will meet her best family very soon. Hestia – in Ancient Greek religion Hestia is a virgin goddess of the hearth, ancient Greek architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state. In Greek mythology she is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Hestia's name means "home and hearth", the oikos, the household, house, or family. More information as well as pedigree of Esti you will find in the section "Italian Greyhound puppies".

Italian greyhounds of Silvento kl at the shows on June

16 - June - 2014

Петер Харшани (Венгрия) левреткаWe were so happy with our italian greyhound puppies that totally forgot about show news and our elder dogs. During this weekend there was a CACIB dog show in Dnepropetrovsk where Katya showed Lucilla Forum Romanum. Here are the results from the dog-show in Dnepropetrovsk city:

Judge - Peter Harsanyi (Hungary) - 4 IGs
Dnepropetrovsk, CACIB
Lucilla Forum Romanum - exc  САС  BB  CACIB  ВОВ  BIG-1

My cograts to Katya and Sasha with Luci's results. Not looking to her post-whelping period she looks great!
Want to admit good result of IG from our E-litter. Silvento Eleusis was showed at the double CAC show in Kiev (June 7-8). He was not very successful on the first day and got VG but was showed well by his co-owner. During day 2 of the show Eleusis won the ring and became BIG-3 from 4 sighthounds. Well done! My congrats to his co-owners Liuba and Slava.

Judge - Pavel Karpov (Ukraine) - 4 IGs
Kiev "Espri Cup" - CAC
Silvento Eleusis - exc  САС   ВОВ  BIG-3

Our Italian Greyhound puppies finally available for reservation

10 - June - 2014

Silvento PLI Chiots 7 weeks oldItalian greyhound puppies (Chiots PLI) of our kennel Silvento are finally available for reservation. Babies are 2 months old, all puppies were microchipped, had their first vaccination and all finally have all good seen milk-teeth and with a safe conscience we are ready to open reservation on our italian greyhound puppies. At the moment destiny of one of the puppy was decided, actually it was decided long time ago )) Silvento Galatea was reserved almost month ago to Russia as a pet-dog due to her "too much of white" on the chest and neck...unfortunatelly, but at least we are happy that she will get the best family : ) In a few weeks Galatea will leave to her new home with me by the car. Rest of the italian greyhound puppies will be ready to leave our home after June 22, at the moment we offer Glaucus and Gaia for co-ownership or full sale. Silvento Glauscus - aka Glau or Cus-cus, he is called mini-Hellica as well : ) Glaucus is tiny puppy and will be about 33-34 cm in height - perfect companion-dog in future that may be showed from time to time if he has 2 well developed testicles in future. Silvento Gaia - our super-kisser, it is just cannot be described how tender is this puppy. Long ears, amazing head and eyes - she just looks to the deepest place of your heart when you see her eyes. Our candidate to "stay with us", but I will try to cope with myself and try good co-owners for her abroad or in Ukraine, doesnt matter, or just a lovely show-home for this girl. Shipping of the puppies is possible all over the Europe. Here are our italian greyhound puppies:

Silvento Galatea Silvento Glaucus Silvento Gaia
Щенок левретки Сильвенто Галатея Silvento Glaucus - 2 MONTHs old левретка Глау Левретка Гайа, Silvento Gaia 2 MONTHs old

Italian greyhound puppies - 1 month old, G litter

15 - May - 2014

Italian greyhound puppies. PLI chiots.Our italian greyhound puppies are one month old - the most happy time started finally. Babies run like crazy already, sing their songs telling us "play with me" and the most loved thing is kissing all the people they see. In a few days we will start taking reservation on puppies, two babies will be available for co-ownership for a friendly price OR full sale - depends on many things. Seems I still need some time to think about it. All babies are so different by temperament and behave - someone is calm, someone is crazy and always ready to play:

Silvento Galatea aka Tea, our tender and curious baby. Galatea is a true italian greyhound from her early birth if to look on her temperament...Italian greyhound kiss. Glaucus and Galateaeven when she couldn't walk normally she climbed on me, looking to my eyes, telling "take me, mom". Tea has huge love to all the people she see and indeed is very tender baby. BTW Tea is already reserved.
Silvento Glaucus aka "Cus-cus" - very calm and playful boy. At home I used to call him "little man" as he do will be just a bit higher than his mother Hellica and I just harly keep myself from leaving him at home. Glaucus is offered for co-ownership for a friendly price or full sale.
Silvento Gaia aka Gaia - our bauty, tender and sweet baby who likes to play for an hours with the toys even not looking to her small age. She is quite smart, may seat and look on you for 15 minutes. She is active and lazy at the same time - our princess. Gaia is so wonderful that is offered for co-ownership for a friendly price or full sale.


Silvento Galatea Silvento Glaucus Silvento Gaia